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Working on a truly mobile wallet

Banking is a core requirement for any family, yet millions all over the world do not have access to formal banking. BOMTechInc was formed in 2007 to provide banking solutions that could reach out to the most distant places in a cost effective manner.



Forget the scuffle with hardcopy passbooks and long bank queues. BOMTECH ‘s systematic and cost-effective solution is here to end your passbook woes. BOMPassbook is the perfect e-passbook that is updated by the SMS message you receive from your bank whenever any form of financial transaction takes place in your bank account A live statement in your pocket.


Follow your collections live. BOMCollect is a first-rate service provided by BOMTECH that allows easy updating of collection records from the field.You receive a SMS message with relevant information as and when a collection has happened – push technology to keep the stake holders up to date in real time.


Track your portfolio on the move. Forget the login hassle every time you want to check your portfolio updates, BOMTECH’s premium service BOMFOLIO sends you the relevant info to your mobile phone whenever an event of interest takes place happen in the portfolio of your choice.,without even being connected to the internet..

Banking solutions via SMS technology

For those with no/ limited access to internet
For those who like to keep their information truly private
For those who prefer Push notifications to Pull advices
For those who worry about the privacy invasion on internet


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Daily Transactions


Yes, You can integrate all your bank accounts with the BOM Passbook, once integrated, you will get push notification on you mobile screen as and when every transaction occurs. That too in realtime!

BOM Folio is an advanced fintech application that lets you perform all your portfolio related requirements right through the mobile interface. It enables you to make decisions on your portfolio by providing you with graphical chart based information regarding your current portfolio status and also shows your future predictions based on our algorithms.

Yes, 24/7/365 support is provided by our dedicated team of support professional and you can talk with our support professionals any time of the day through mail, chat and phone.