Our first product BOMPassbook was demonstrated in 2008 Microfinance conference in New Delhi, India. This was an electronic passbook that worked off the simplest Nokia phones on the Symbian platform and the more elegant Windows Mobile operating system. Since then it has been our endeavor to develop a suite of products based on SMS technology to provide simple solutions to complex costly banking challenges.

Business driving Technology

Incorporated under the Federal Laws of Canada with the purpose of using mobile technology for banking with its registered office in Toronto, Ontario.

Founded by Rohit Bhargava

An international banker with over 27 years of experience, mainly with HSBC Group. This included 10 years in senior management positions within retail banking across India and Asia, transforming operations to improve customer experiences while reducing costs.
Rohit is a Chemical Engineer from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi followed by a Masters from the exclusive Bajaj Institute of Management Studies of Bombay University.

Ably assisted by an experienced Developer Team in Pune, India with over 75 years of cumulative experience in designing and implementing software solutions for the financial industry.

Advised by a team of Professors from prestigious Universities in Canada and international Bankers from Asia, Europe and North America.

Providing a truly Value Added Service that meets an ongoing need and can be immensely rewarding to all stakeholders:





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